Acupuncture for Fertility Melbourne

Fertility Acupuncture Melbourne

Chinese Medicine For Fertility

Roughly 15% of couples experience fertility issues when trying to fall pregnant. Some couples, such as same sex couples and others, can only fall pregnant with the assistance of IVF or other reproductive technologies. Couples seeking to become pregnant may also include other adjunctive options such as acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine. 

Fertility and Infertility - The Basics

Couples find it difficult to conceive naturally and many of those may be directed to fertility specialists and IVF clinics for assistance to fall pregnant. 30% of the fertility problems reside in the male partner, 30% in the female partner and about 30% in both partners. The remaining 10% are considered unknown, often referred to as idiopathic infertility (1).

A number of lifestyle factors can impede fertility, such as age, which can significantly affect a couples chance of falling pregnant, for men this can present much more subtly as men over 45 can take 5 times longer to conceive than a man in their 20's (2). Other lifetsyle impacts on fertility can include obesity, alcohol and smoking. There is also some suggestion that caffeine may have an impact (3)

Acupuncture and Fertility - Research

Acupuncture studies examining the effect of acupuncture upon fertility and its ability to improve pregnancy rates are hard to find.  Currently the broader body of evidence is unclear. Traditionally, acupuncture along with moxibustion,  were regularly indicated in the treatment of infertility and subfertility. In the field of IVF, acupuncture more research is readily available and in some studies show that acupuncture may improve the clinical pregnancy rate of those undergoing IVF and it may help with reducing risk of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (4).

Using Acupuncture for Anxiety and Depression 

For some, the process of trying to fall pregnant can take its toll on mental health. We encourage our patients to include mindfulness as part of their daily routine and to also schedule in some fun. Often this very simple healthy activity can be overlooked throughout the Process. Acupuncture may also be another effective adjunctive method to help treat depression and anxiety (4).

Your Fertility Acupuncture Session

We begin by asking some questions about your fertility. How long have you been trying to fall pregnant and the steps you have taken leading up to the acupuncture consultation. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine look at fertility and attempting to fall pregnant through a different lens. We see your mind and body as a whole . We will then review other aspects of your health like your  activities, sleep quality, aches and pains, your cycle (if relevant) and energy levels. After palpating your pulse and/or abdomen,  we then decide upon a course of acupuncture that we will discuss with you. At Coburg Chinese medicine we support an integrative and inclusive approach to treatment.

Q. How Often Would the Fertility Acupuncture Sessions Be?

Generally for the acupuncture clients we work with who are trying to prepare themselves for falling pregnant we usually see them once a week for a few cycles. We try where possible to arrange appointments in line with ovulation and periods. We may also use some Chinese medicine as an adjunct to your fertility acupuncture sessions.

Q. Does your Acupuncture Clinic See LGBTI Clients?

Of course. We happily work with clients from sexuality and gender diverse community and try to provide an inclusive and safe space for all. 

Q. Do You Provide Acupuncture for Male Infertility?

Yes, we have experience working with both female and male fertility acupuncture. As mentioned above about 30% of couples infertility is due to the male partner and 30% due to a combination of the male and female partner.

Our Melbourne Acupuncture Clinic

Based in Melbourne, the  Coburg Clinic services people from Coburg and surrounding Northern suburbs such as Brunswick, Pascoe Vale, Preston, Fawkner, Thornbury, Northcote.  If you wish to discuss how acupuncture can assist you call us on 03 9041 656

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