Cupping Therapy in Melbourne

Cupping therapy hijama bleeding cupping in melbourne

Our Clinic performs a number of different styles of cupping therapy including - Hijama (wet or bleeding cupping), Dry Cupping, Static cupping, Sliding cupping and thunder cupping. Cupping is a popular method in Chinese medicine, muslim, Greek and arabic medicine. Located in the northern suburbs we see patients from all over Melbourne who come to us for the different types of cupping we do.

What is Cupping?

Fire cupping, often known simply as cupping, is a therapeutic technique associated with Chinese medicine. It involves the application of heated cups to the body, creating a seal which pulls the skin into the cup slightly. Generally there are 2 types of cupping: Dry cupping and Wet Cupping, also known as Hijama or Bleeding cupping.  Cupping will often cause raised reddish circular marks that may cause generally painless surface bruising. These generally fade in 2-7 days.

Chinese Cupping Melbourne

During a fire cupping session the practitioner holds a flame inside a glass cup, which temporarily expands the air from inside the cup. The heat source is then removed, and the cup is quickly overturned and applied to the client’s bare skin, most often on his back. The air in the cup rapidly contracts as it cools the cup, which creates the seal. Usually a number of cups are applied in this way, allowed to sit for 10-15mins, and then removed. In some cases the area to be cupped may be covered in massage oil prior to placement of cups to ensure the cup can slid up and down and area - this is also known as sliding cupping and is often used with musculoskeletal symptoms.

Bleeding Cupping and Hijama Melbourne

Wet cupping is also known as bleeding cupping or hijama. This is a popular method of cupping in both muslim medicine and east asian medicine. Because we are dealing with blood and body fluids we have to take some additional steps to ensure compliance with state and federal infection control guideline. We use singles-use sterile cups,  single use, sterile lancets for puncturing the skin, sterilise the area prior to applying the cups and of course we wear gloves to protect you and us. We ask that you trim any body hair on the areas where the cups are to be applied. 

As we one of the few clinics to offer bleeding cupping, it is a very popular service, especially around the full moon. We  suggest that if it is your first time, or if you and few friends are wishing to have this done to call the clinic for a chat.

Chinese Massage and Gua Sha

In Chinese Remedial massage often clothing is not removed. Depending on the area to be massaged, you may be asked to lie down on a massage table or sit in a massage chair. The therapist will first massage your muscles using a variety of massage movements, including compression, kneading, rubbing, pressing and percussion. The therapist may also use traditional liniments to enhance the effect of the massage treatment.

Gua Sha is the use of a ceramic soup spoon or similar smooth edged tool to scrape on oiled skin. Gua sha is also known as spooning and is used as another massage technique.


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