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Together with acupuncture, herbal medicine is a major pillar of Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is the longest standing health care modality to date.  We have a complete raw herbal dispensary in our clinic which you will see when you first come into the waiting area

What Is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Chinese herbal medicine is the use of herbal, animal and mineral substances to treat ill health according to the principles of Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is part of an integrated system of Traditional Chinese Medicine  that has an uninterrupted history of development dating back thousands of years in China and other parts of East Asia. The origins of Chinese herbal medicine can be traced back few thousand years which making it the oldest and the most long-standing health care modality to-date. 

Using Chinese Herbs Responsibly

At Coburg Chinese Medicine we do not use any endangered or CITES listed herbal, animal or insect products. When possible, we ethically source commercially farmed alternatives. We have both a full raw Chinese herbal dispensary and a granule herb dispensary. 

Types of Chinese Herbs Used at Our Melbourne Clinic

The main types of herbs we use are 

  • Raw herbs - Generally the strongest and most preferred method of administrating herbs to patients. They usually require cooking. 
  • Granulated herbs - Concentrated herbal powders that are added to warm water. No Cooking required. 
  • Pills and Capsules - Generally considered the least strong, but also considered the most convenient. The pills are usually made with raw herbal or concentrated herbal powders.
Chinese herbal Dispensary Melbourne


How Are Chinese Herbs Prescribed?

During the initial consultation at our Melbourne clinic a full health history will be taken. The Acupuncturist will check your pulse, look at your tongue and conduct the appropriate physical exams. After a Chinese medicine diagnosis, a Chinese herbal formula of usually 5-10 different herbs will be prescribed to treat your condition. Usually between 3-6 bags of your raw herbal formula, 50-100g of granules or 1-2 bottles of pills will be given for 1 week. 

Raw Chinese Herbs Melbourne


Concerned about Animal Products In Chinese Medicine?

Animals and insects represent only a very small percentage of the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica and plant based herbal alternatives can be easily substituted. Before prescribing any products we will discuss with patients about any dietary or ethical restraints they have. We are also conscious that some muslim, jewish and buddhist clients may also have a restriction on certain animal based products.

Coburg Chinese medicine does not supply nor support trade in any endangered species.

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How Do I Cook My Raw Chinese Herbs?

1.     Soak 1 bag of herbs with 2-3 cups of water (make sure herbs are covered with water) in a pot for 30 mins.
2.     Put pot on stove and bring to boil and boil on medium heat until 1 cup of liquid remains. This is usually 20 mins or so.
3.     Strain out liquid in a jug or container, keeping the cooked herbs
4.     Add the cooked herbs back to the pot with 2-3 cups of water. Repeat step 2 and 3
5.     There should be 2 cups of liquid from the two boils. Combine and drink 1/2 cup 2x/day or as directed.

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