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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese Medicine is the aggregate knowledge, skills and practices based on the theories, beliefs and
 experiences indigenous to the Chinese culture that are used for the maintenance of health and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of physical and mental conditions. These knowledge, skills and practices have been developed over several millennia.

Clinically, Chinese medicine is used to treat a broad range of conditions in patients of all ages. Chinese medicine practice emphasises the importance of an holistic approach and individualisation of treatment planning.

Chinese Medicine practice incorporates a wide range of modalities, of which two major methods are acupuncture and herbal medicine. Acupuncture entails the application of a range of stimulation techniques of specific acupuncture points. In acupuncture patients are treated by inserting and manipulating thin, solid needles that are inserted into acupuncture points in the skin. According to Chinese Medicine theory, stimulating these points can correct imbalances in the flow of qi through the body.

Chinese medicine practitioners utilise both traditional and modern methods for diagnosis and to evaluate therapeutic outcomes. Traditional methods include observation of the tongue and palpation of the pulses together with an analysis of the other signs and symptoms. Modern methods can include reviewing results of conventional western diagnostic tests. 

How Will My First Session Go?

During the initial consultation a full health history will be taken. The acupuncturist will check your pulse, look at your tongue and conduct the appropriate physical exams. After a diagnosis is made according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will then receive an acupuncture treatment.
For your acupuncture treatment, fine sterile disposable needles will be inserted at acupuncture points throughout the body. You may feel a radiating sensation when the needle is inserted, and it generally lasts for a few moments. During the remainder of the treatment a dull heavy sensation may be felt as well. Sometimes the needles are heated with moxa or an electro acupuncture device is attached after insertion. Commonly, the needles will be left in for fifteen to thirty minutes.

Will Acupuncture Hurt?

Acupuncture is generally not painful and is significantly less sensation than having an injection from your GP. The Acupuncture needles used are very fine and the sensation is often less than that of a mosquito bite. You may experience a sensation with acupuncture that has been described as numb, tingling, heavy, itchy, referring or just plain “weird”. This sensation is the feeling of the needle tapping into the qi to work with the body to bring back balance. This feeling is actually encouraged. It is this sensation that initiates the healing process. If you experience any pain or a feeling of intolerable discomfort, tell your practitioner.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Treatments are usually scheduled on a weekly basis in many cases. In acute conditions, more frequent treatments are sometimes recommended as they are generally indicated. Most chronic conditions often require a series of treatments to fully address them. Your practitioner will discuss a treatment plan during your treatment session.

What Other Services Do You Provide? 

During an acupuncture treatment session you may also receive other treatment modalities concurrently with the acupuncture such as cupping, moxa, massage and gua sha. As part of our acupuncture treatments we also do traditional dry needling. These treatments will be explained further during your session and their price is included in the acupuncture consultation fee.

Coburg Chinese Medicine also provides Massage and Cupping as a standalone service. Please click here for more information about the services we provide.

The practitioner will also discuss with you any products such as liniments or patent herbal medicine they suggest as being beneficial to help with you condition/illness.

Can I have Acupuncture with IVF or fertility treatment?

Yes. Acupuncture can be used as an adjunct to IVF or fertility treatment. In most cases there is no reasons for contraindication, the exception may be the use of herbs as some fertility specialist may advise against using something additional with their pharmaceutical protocols. We advise checking with your fertility specialists if you have any concerns. 


Do You Have A Cancellation Policy?

Yes we do. Coburg Chinese Medicine requires 24 hours for appointment cancellations. If less than the required notice is given Coburg Chinese Medicine reserves the right to charge a 100% cancellation fee. We do understand that our busy lives can sometimes get in the way so this policy will be applied with discretion with repeat offenders.

If in the case you are likely to be late please to contact Coburg Chinese Medicine us ASAP to let us Know. Arriving more than 15 minutes late could result in your appointment being cancelled or a shorter treatment time at the normal fee.

Can I Get A Health Fund Rebate? 

Private health fund rebates are available to clients who receive acupuncture treatments and have acupuncture treatments covered as part of their policy. In order to receive the health fund rebate, retain your receipts and forward them to your health fund as per their requirements for a rebate to be processed. Remember to check with your private health insurance provider to ensure Acupuncture treatments are covered in your policy. 

Do You Take TAC/Workcover Clients? 

At Coburg Chinese Medicine we welcome TAC and WorkCover clients. TAC and WorkCover clients are required to prepay for acupuncture services. To ensure you will receive some reimbursement for the treatment costs of an Acupuncture session please ensure you treating doctor has requested Acupuncture treatment to be approved by the insurer. Also ensure you have received written confirmation from your Insurer (TAC/WorkCover) and they have approved this treatment.

How Long Do Appointments Take?

The first Acupuncture appointment typically takes about an 90 minutes - this involves a thorough consultation and treatment.  Follow up Acupuncture appointments and initial Chinese herbal medicine consultations are usually between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Cupping and wet cupping, also known as wet cupping and Hijama, generally take 20-30 minutes. Only 30 minute massages are available for booking.

What Should I Wear?

It is best to where loose fitting clothes that can be moved to get to the areas that need to be worked on. If needed we have sheets, towels and kimonos  to use so that we can properly drape you while you are being treated.

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