Acupuncture in Coburg and Coburg North

Our Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Clinic


Our Melbourne clinic is located centrally in Coburg, just up the street from the Post Office Hotel in Sydney road.  Coburg is the gateway of the northern suburbs. We provide a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine services including acupuncture, cupping, Hijama (Bleeding or Wet Cupping) and Chinese herbs. We established our Coburg Chinese medicine and acupuncture clinic in 2012.

We work with a variety of different patients with our gentle techniques.

Our Aim  is to work with you to achieve your health outcome. Our hours are flexible and  suit a variety of work, study and parenting schedules. You can find our fees and hours here. You can also book easily online using the book appointment button.

 We also are easily accessible from public transport and we encourage people to park in the side streets. Have a look around at our site and any questions don't hesitate to call if you have questions


Location of Coburg Acupuncture Clinic


 ☎ 03 9041 6569

 197 Sydney Road, Coburg VIC 3058


Some Useful Locations in Coburg

Because we believe strongly in supporting local businesses we have included some places you can checkout in Coburg between acupuncture appointments.


KFL opened within Coburg in the last few years, and according to us is a welcome addition to the area. Aside from being a great source of east asian,  middle eastern and some Mediterranean groceries, fresh veggies, tofu, frozen goods and more; it is also a pretty great source of various Chinese medicinal herbs, teas and liniments. They sell Hua Tuo liniment, Po Sum On, Kwan Loong, Nin Jiom cough syrup, various raw herbs and a large variety of green and fermented teas. 

Pro tip: This store has a number of vegan options including an isle full of TVP mince and strips. If you check in the fridge you will also find a large variety of mock vegan meats including chick'n, pork and fish. We are a super fan of the vegan nuggets. 

 378 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058

☎ (03) 9350 5388

Acupuncture in Coburg North

True North Cafe

True North opened up as a wonderful surprise to the residents of Coburg in 2014 and it has been loved ever since. Purveyors of great coffee and excellent food, True North is an inviting and warm cafe with a punk rock sensibility. Nadia and Brett run a tight ship and the customer service is friendly and warm without any notes of pretension that can be found in other cafes closer to Brunswick. We encourage you to try Nadia's delicious vegan muffins, the pickled sandwich is also an absolute winner. True North caters to all dietary needs - offering vegan, vegetarian and omnivorous options. On the weekends it is open for dinner and will run events such as cheesey movie nights and metal trivia night. 

➤ 2A Munro Street, Coburg, VIC 3058

☎ (03) 9917 2262

Coburg Health Food Shop

Coburg Health food shop stocks a wide variety of health supplements, naturopathic herbs, dry grocery goods, toiletry items and assorted health conscious sundry. Also on site there is a Naturopath who has been serving the Coburg community for many years.

 5/463 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC 3058

☎ (03) 9354 8007

Coburg Lake

Coburg Lake is a great place to go to for a gentle stroll, a sit down picnic, some exercise or a contemplative gaze across the man made lake. To be fair it is more of a widening of merri creek. There are bbq facilities and also play equipment for the kids - both big ones and littles. 

Coburg lake is a great place to take a water break on a jog or even as venue for a bit of internal contemplation or mindfulness using apps such as Insight Timer

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is one of the many gyms that are on offer in the Moreland area. We rank this one as the best. It is super spacious with very clear and delineated spaces - cardio area, machines and free weight area. At our Acupuncture clinic we will regularly some sort of resistance training be part of a clients recovery and rehabilitation.

There are a couple of really great things about this gym, the first being the fact they have a deadlift platform. This gym is made for those that wish to do strength training. The second great things is the staff. The club manager, Jake has competed in powerlifting, and he, along with the other PT, Ferhaan, are very skilled in putting together training programs for their clients addressing goals, any limitations and any areas that may need focus on. They are approachable, super friendly, and have the skill and experience to train clients at all levels, and unlike some other gyms, are competent in training the compound barbell movements including squat, bench, deadlift, press and row. 

 114 Bell St, Coburg VIC 3058

☎ (03) 9354 2330

Call us on ☎ (03) 90416569 to arrange an appointment or book online below