Acupuncture for Anxiety - Research Shows Benefit

Acupuncture Anxiety Treatment Effective - New Evidence Summary Published

Chinese Medicine for anxiety

Evidence Based Acupuncture is a community run organisation, created to show the state of current acupuncture research in accessible evidence summaries. A new evidence summary authored by Australian acupuncturist Kylee Junghans was recently published which looked at using acupuncture for the treatment of anxiety.

Acupuncture for Anxiety - The Evidence

The evidence referenced two systematic reviews, one from 2016 and a more recent one from 2018

  • The 2016 Integrative review included 400 participants and found that 'using acupuncture for the the treatment of anxiety to be significant as compared to conventional treatments' (1). One of the included studies which included 120 participants also found that acupuncture had twice the reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression when compared to conventional interventions such as pharmacotherapy and psychology (2).

  • A recent 2018 analysis included 13 studies and it was reported that using acupuncture resulted in a decrease in symptoms when compared to the control (3).

Chinese Medicine for Anxiety - A Brief Summary

Junghans said that although there are ethical and methodological issues when designing a study comparing to using acupuncture or conventional approaches for the management of anxiety, acupuncture had a moderate benefit in the treatment of anxiety. To read more detail from the evidence summary click the button below.

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